Kio Kio School

(07) 873 1816 1701 Otorohanga Rd, RD 4 Otorohanga 3974

Kio Kio School students will be confident, relate well to others, strive to achieve the Kio Kio core values and become lifelong learners.


  • Students are at the heart of all decision-making
  • Learning is holistic and life-long
  • Quality teaching and learning is paramount
  • All learners will be challenged and encouraged to take risks
  • All people will feel valued and respected
  • School values and culture are important.  They are reinforced every day by our actions.
  • We aim to be a culturally responsive and inclusive learning community where diversity is embraced
  • School and family partnerships are valued and promoted
  • History and tradition are valued and important
  • We aim to be future-focused in our thinking, learning and planning
  • We aim to live and work sustainably as a school and community
  • Learning and life at school should be fun, lively and engaging
  • Our school is a safe place, both physically and emotionally
  • The school is a community resource – the hub of its community

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