Kio Kio School

(07) 873 1816 1701 Otorohanga Rd, RD 4 Otorohanga 3974


Kio Kio School will provide all learners with a positive, safe learning environment, with maximum opportunities to excel.

  • All students are encouraged to reach their potential

  • We deliver a diverse, future-focused educational programme based on the New Zealand Curriculum 

  • Professional learning and development is key for all staff members

  • We utilise the principles of relational and restorative practices to foster our school culture

  • We focus on developing attitudes and values as well as skills and knowledge

  • We develop childrens’ thinking, questioning and problem solving skills

  • We foster independence, self-esteem, creativity, responsibility and curiosity

  • We provide programmes tailored for student needs, including enrichment and extension for able students, and learning support programmes where appropriate

  • Māori students will enjoy success as Māori; Pasifika students will enjoy success as Pasifika; students with special learning needs will enjoy success appropriate to their situation

  • We will provide resources to meet the identified learning needs of students 

  • E-learning will be integrated appropriately across the curriculum



Our motto is ‘Whakatangata – Playing the Game of Life’


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