Kio Kio School

(07) 873 1816 1701 Otorohanga Rd, RD 4 Otorohanga 3974


The staff and the Board of Trustees extend a warm welcome to you as a parent/caregiver of Kio Kio School. It is hoped that you will have a happy association with us while your children attend this school.


Kio Kio School is situated in a rural setting, approximately 10 minutes north of Otorohanga.  At present our roll stands at approximately 140 students. We have 7 classrooms, school library, recreation centre, swimming pool, 2 playing fields, 2 major playgrounds and in June 2021 our 2 tennis courts were astroturfed with hockey and netball court markings as well.


Kio Kio School is proud of its reputation as a successful school, and we continue to strive to provide the best quality education for all students. In 2018 the Education Review Office identified the school as successful.  Please go to www.ero.govt to read the full report.


Our 7 classrooms are named after native trees – Kowhai, Puriri, Pohutukawa, Rimu, Totara, Kahikatea, and Kauri. Our 4 houses which children are allocated to for their time at Kio Kio School for sporting events etc. are named after local mountains – Kakepuku (Red), Pirongia (Blue), Puketarata (Green) and Maungatautari (Yellow).


We are extremely fortunate to have a community which is very supportive of our school.  Parents are welcome and are encouraged to become involved in a range of school events.  Approximately half of our students are from farming backgrounds, whilst the other half travel to school from town.



Principal                                                             Kevin Jones                                       

Deputy Principal/Teacher                                Karen Coleman (Senior Team Leader)

Teachers                                                             Kirsten Beck (Junior Team Leader)

                                                               Emma Telfer

                                                                Larna Culpan

                                                                Lily Johnstone

Part-time Teachers                                             Helen Twentyman (Across School Lead Kāhui Ako)

                                                                             Shakira Derbyshire                

                                                                            Lucy Stewart

                                      Dianne Shariff     

   Suze Case            

Learning Support Coordinator                         Rosie Jones

Teacher Aide/Resources/Librarian                  Linda Blanchett         

Teacher Aides                                                    Paige Summerfield

                  Sam Meagher

                  Kristy Stewart

                  Lisa McFarlane

Office Manager                                               Shirley McKinley

Office Administrator                                          Amanda Wright

Caretaker                                                           Ken Morriss


Presiding Member                                            Karen Thompson

Secretary                                                           Michelle Anselmi

Treasurer                                                            Natalie McMullan

Trustee - Property                                              Wayne Lupton            

Trustee                              Paul Fleming

Trustee                                                                Charlie Telfer

Staff Representative                                         Helen Twentyman

Minute Secretary                                              Leeane Lawrence


Kio Kio School will provide all learners with a positive, safe learning environment, with maximum opportunities to excel.

  • All students are encouraged to reach their potential

  • We deliver a diverse, future-focused educational programme based on the New Zealand Curriculum 

  • Professional learning and development is key for all staff members

  • We utilise the principles of relational and restorative practices to foster our school culture

  • We focus on developing attitudes and values as well as skills and knowledge

  • We develop childrens’ thinking, questioning and problem solving skills

  • We foster independence, self-esteem, creativity, responsibility and curiosity

  • We provide programmes tailored for student needs, including enrichment and extension for able students, and learning support programmes where appropriate

  • Māori students will enjoy success as Māori; Pasifika students will enjoy success as Pasifika; students with special learning needs will enjoy success appropriate to their situation

  • We will provide resources to meet the identified learning needs of students 

  • E-learning will be integrated appropriately across the curriculum



Our motto is ‘Whakatangata – Playing the Game of Life’



Kio Kio School students will be confident, relate well to others, strive to achieve the Kio Kio core values and become lifelong learners.


  • Students are at the heart of all decision-making

  • Learning is holistic and life-long

  • Quality teaching and learning is paramount

  • All learners will be challenged and encouraged to take risks

  • All people will feel valued and respected

  • Our School POWER Values** and culture are important.  They are reinforced every day by our actions.

  • We aim to be culturally responsive and an inclusive learning community where diversity is embraced

  • School and family partnerships are valued and promoted

  • History and tradition are valued and important

  • We aim to be future focused in our thinking, learning and planning

  • We aim to live and work sustainably as a school and community

  • Learning and life at school should be fun, lively and engaging

  • School is a safe place, both physically and emotionally

  • The school is a community resource – the hub of its community


We hope that you enjoy your association with the school and that in doing so you become involved in our school community.  It is hoped that the following information (listed alphabetically) about our school will be useful and will help you understand our function.


If your child is absent from school or will arrive late, please phone or text the office on -  873 1816 or 027 398 1725 you can leave a message on the answer phone.   Alternatively you may also email the school office at  Please state the child’s name, classroom and reason for the absence.  If no reason is given it is recorded as explained but unjustified according to the Ministry of Education guidelines.



If your child needs to attend an appointment, please sign them in and out at the office.



The school takes responsibility for students from 8.30am.  Students who need to arrive earlier than that need to make arrangements with the Principal. The drop off and collection point for students is through the school gate at the end of the bus shelter.  Please escort your children to and from the vehicle to the school gate.



There are currently no before and after school care programmes available.


Our Board of Trustees currently consists of seven parent representatives.  The Board of Trustees is elected every 3 years (next election June 2025).  The Principal is on as of right, a staff member is elected every 3 years by the staff, and a minute secretary is employed.   The committee works with the staff to provide the optimum environment and facilities for the students.  We are fortunate to have a Board of Trustees sincerely interested in the welfare of your children.


Monthly meetings will usually be held in the third week of a month twice per term during the school year.  Parents are most welcome to attend and a reminder of these meetings will be put in the school newsletter.



Children are eligible to travel on the bus if they are:               

  • Aged 1-8  years & live more than 3.2km from school

  • Aged 9-13 years & live more than 4.8km from school


Other children (ineligibles) living on the bus route may be permitted transportation if room is available.  However, if there is insufficient space, the ineligible 9-13 year old students will be required to make their own way to school on the basis of the closest student off first.  If this does not provide sufficient seats, then the ineligible students between the ages of 1-8 years will be required to make their own way on the same basis.

The Board of Trustees:

  1. reserves the right to allocate a space, if available, for any ineligible child for whom sufficient reason has been produced

  2. points out that the use of school transport is a privilege not a matter of right and the Board may withdraw the privilege at any time.

Reliable information of an intention not to use the afternoon service is most important.



As of January 2010 we introduced Cadets.  This is a programme for 4 year old children to familiarise themselves prior to starting school and takes place on a Friday morning (9.00 - 10.30 am) in our new entrant class Kowhai.  Please phone the office to book a space in this programme.  As of 2022 we introduced a Cohort Entry Policy, this means that 5 year olds will be able to start school on the first day of any Term after their fifth birthday or on the first day of week 6 if their birthday falls after the Term has started.



The school is divided into seven classes at present.  The structure of these varies according to our school roll and numbers of children at various levels.  Where practical, it is school policy to keep numbers lower in the junior room where the advantages of a good start are lasting.  



As part of the class programme, day visits and overnight camps are undertaken by classes.  These visits are a valuable extension of the class programme and involve a large amount of work and organisation, but their value is unquestionable. Parents’ help on such excursions is essential and any offers of transport or supervision at these times are greatly appreciated.  



A cleaning company is contracted to complete most of the cleaning, including all the classrooms and toilet blocks.  A part-time Caretaker is employed to control weeds, care for gardens and carry out minor maintenance duties.  Working Bees are arranged and parents are asked by the Board of Trustees to help with a spring clean of the school, including washing the school building walls.

The Board of Trustees contracts out the cutting of the main playing fields & lawns.



The school Dental Therapists cater for Kio Kio students through the Otorohanga South School Clinic.  Should anyone be in need of their services they can be contacted on 0800 825 583.


The Board of Trustees provides laptops to support the learning in classrooms.  We do not expect families to provide these for learning.  Occasionally a family provides a cell phone for a student to communicate with home after school.  Cell phones need to be named and handed to the office during school hours.



A child’s birth certificate or valid passport is required on enrolment.  We also require an Immunisation certificate for our school records.  For children who were not born in New Zealand, we need to have copies of residency status.

The following information will also be required:

  • Mother’s & Father’s names, occupations, address & phone number

  • An alternative emergency contact number

  • Details of health allergies, etc

  • Details of pre-schooling & hours

  • Name of family doctor

  • Serious illnesses, accidents and significant health problems

  • Ethnicity

  • Iwi (where applicable)



We have an enrolment scheme in place, more information can be found at the back of this booklet.   Please check with the school office for the most up to date information on placements available and opening/closing dates, as this can vary throughout the year depending on roll numbers.



We have a Facebook page to share information.  Please ‘like’ our page Kio Kio School to receive notifications. We also have a school website:



Should a child suffer an accident at school they will be attended to and if it is felt that a doctor’s advice is necessary, then the parents will be contacted immediately.  Please advise the class teacher if students need to take any form of medical prescription during the school day.  A Medication Administration form is available at the office and needs to be completed by the parent.



As we still have the periodic appearance of these little “friends”, a check will be made once a term by parent volunteers.  Should evidence of live Head Lice be found, it is a school procedure that the student be removed from school for treatment to be carried out by the parent.  If there are signs of Head Lice eggs, a note will be sent home advising of such.   Notification of a Head Liice check will be published in “The Flash”, our fortnightly newsletter, in the week prior to a check.  The Public Health Nurse is notified on each occasion of a check and should persistent infestation be found, a referral will be made to her.  Should you not wish to have your child checked, then a signed note is required.



We value home learning being purposeful and connected to the learning focus for learners’ in classrooms.


Juniors will have reading exercises each night by either reading to or sharing reading with parents/guardians.

Middle and Senior classes are expected to do some home learning of a constructive nature as set out by their class teacher.


Our students have access to and are encouraged to use a variety of online tools for research, communication and collaboration.  With this great opportunity comes the responsibility to act appropriately and be safe in online spaces.


Students and parents must have signed the Cyber Safety agreement form before accessing and using the internet.  There is a copy of this form included in the enrolment pack, and extra copies can be picked up from the office.



If you have any concerns regarding any aspect of your child’s school life, please contact his/her teacher.  We very much value your input and look forward to working with you and your family.



Our Supporters’ Committee assists in organising social events and activities for school families and the wider community.  Examples of these events and activities are: Fireworks & Gala Evening, Quiz Evenings, Fashion Shows, Socials etc.



Students are encouraged to borrow books from the School Library – each class has a weekly time that they visit the Library for this purpose.  Books are available for children of all ages and every class.  The School Board of Trustees each year spends a considerable amount of money raised in the district on books and your assistance in encouraging the care of books will mean that we can enlarge our Library rather than spend money on replacements.  If a book is damaged, please send it back to school where we have the materials for correct mending.  The Library is open at lunchtime from 1.15 – 1.45pm (closed Friday) and librarians are rostered to help issue books.  Encourage your children to use the library and read.  A love of books will be lasting.


The ideal is to avoid lost property and this is achieved by clearly naming all property so if it is lost or misplaced we can return it to the child.   Lost property is placed on the rack outside the Principal's office on the deck. 



Children generally bring lunches to school. From time to time the school classes may sell school lunches to fundraise for their camp. Notices will be put on the "Seesaw" app regarding these.  


Three days per week from approximately 8.15 - 8.45am we provide Weet-Bix and milk to any students who wish to partake.  We encourage parent helpers to help facilitate this Club.  At present these days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  



A newsletter will be sent home with children and emailed every second Thursday (‘The Flash’).   It is extremely important that you ensure you receive and read them.  These notices will let you know of any upcoming events at the school.  They are given to the eldest child in the family.   Other notices could be sent home as and when the need arises.



There are many occasions where parents are able to help with school activities.  Teachers recognise and are grateful for the support they receive at these times.   Opportunities arise at such activities as sports days, school visits and camps.  A parent help checklist is circularised at the beginning of Term 1 each year.  There are further opportunities in both the preparation of class materials and library processing.  



Students starting at 5 years of age should, on average, have 2 years in the Year 1/2 area.  Only in exceptional cases will a student have less than 1 year 2 terms in these classes, or more than 2 years 2 terms.  The criteria for advancement will be that they will gain positively from the move, or will clearly be at a disadvantage to be kept back.



Children are promoted according to their individual needs and not by any simple formula.  However, where possible,  a child should go through school with others about his own level of maturity.  He should work with the group, which suits him best as a person, socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.



Parent/Child/Teacher Interviews – March & June/July

Written Reports – June & November


All parents are asked to take part in these interviews as experience has shown that they are extremely valuable to both teachers and parents.  They enable parents to meet the teachers, discuss requirements and proposed activities and to learn more about the children. 



8.15am           Mangaoronga Road Bus arrives

8.30am           Puketarata Road Bus arrives

9.00am           School starts

10.30am         Morning Interval

10.50am         Lessons resume

12.00pm      Brain break (10-15 mins)

1.00pm           Lunch

1.55pm           Lessons resume

2.55pm           End of school day

3.05pm           Puketarata Bus leaves

3.15pm           Mangaoronga Road Bus leaves



At Kio Kio School we are able to offer students a number of educational opportunities over and above their normal classroom experiences.


  • Multi-Sensory Literacy programme 

  • Special Needs Teaching – available for children who need remedial assistance

  • Outdoor Education for classes annually

  • Scholarship Opportunities – for sporting/cultural/academic/science success

  • Learning Support for children in need of assistance

  • Environmental Education

  • Sports Camp (Senior Students)

  • EPro8 Technology Challenge 

  • Literary Quiz




The school aims to teach children to swim adequately, be conscious of water safety and know how to get themselves out of difficulties in the water should the need arise.


If a student is not to take part in the swimming lesson, a note to the effect should be provided.



The school pool is available for use by parents and residents of Kio Kio Community subject to conditions laid down by the School Board of Trustees.   It is expected that those using the pool will maintain a high standard of behaviour and will take care of property at all times.   Keys can be purchased through the school office during the summer season.



Year 7 & 8 students are taken by bus to Otorohanga South School for Technicraft.   This includes cooking, sewing and woodwork.  The timetable of days and times is arranged by South School to suit their programme.   Currently it is weekly on Friday mornings.  Reports on students are given in writing for school reports.



Except in very exceptional circumstances, it would be advisable that expensive toys and valuables should be left at home.  Other children may not respect your child’s property in the same way that he/she does.  Teachers cannot be responsible for the custody of valuable articles.



Our school does not have a school uniform, but we do have a code of dress.   All students should be neatly and cleanly dressed.


A Kio Kio School polo-shirt which can be purchased from the school office.  The polo shirt is a requirement for some events such as sports days, inter-school activities and special assemblies.   We prefer students to have a pair of black shorts, skirts or track pants to wear with the polo-shirt.  



Kio Kio School encourages families to communicate with their child/ren's teachers through an App called 'Seesaw' If you wish to discuss matters concerning your children, please make an appointment with the classroom teacher outside of school hours.




Kio Kio School


Effective from 3 October 2016



Home Zone


All students who live within the home zone described below* (and/or shown on the attached map) shall be entitled to enrol at Kio Kio School.


*Commencing at Kio Kio School – travel north on State Highway 3/Otorohanga Road (includes Awatane & Blackett Roads), to number 890 SH3/Otorohanga Road. Anso Road is included in zone.


From 890 Otorohanga Road, travel south to the intersection of Mangaorongo Road and Maihiihi Road. Mangaorongo Road, Scown Road and Awatane Road are in zone.


Head northwest up Mangaorongo Road to the intersection with SH3/Otorohanga Road. From this intersection, continue north to the intersection of Kio Kio Station Road and Ouruwhero Road.


Head north along Ouruwhero Road to the intersection with Pokuru Road and Te Kawa Road. Ouruwhero Road from number 415 is in zone. Peacock Road  and  Te Kawa Road from number 1145 are  in zone.


From the intersection of Ouruwhero Road, Te Kawa Road and Pokuru Road, head east to number 890 SH3/Otorohanga Road. Te Kawa Road east of the intersection is not in zone.


Henderson Road, Burr Road and Puketarata Road are in zone.


(Home zone includes both sides of the road unless otherwise stated in the description).


Proof of residence within the home zone will be required. 






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